Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pretty Serious Forbidden Fruit

Today I have another Pretty Serious color, Forbidden Fruit. I am a little obsessed with white polish lately so had to include this with my recent order from Kaz.

This formula is on the thick side, so 2 coats were plenty. I probably could have done one, but it wasn't neat enough for my liking.

Stamped with Warm Black Konad and finished with a coat of Seche QD. I haven't done any stamping for ages and missed it a little.

And Forbidden Fruit on it's own. It has a gorgeous shimmer to it which makes it totally wearable on it's own without being boring.

This concludes my HUGE week long posts on Pretty Serious. Kaz is a legend around these parts as not only she started her own nail polish line, but she has done a lot for us Australian polish bloggers including making us our own webpage: The Gumleaf Mafia. This site gets updated hourly and if you 'Like' it on Facebook, it also updates there as well. Make sure you Like so you don't miss out on ANY fabulousness!


  1. Gorgeous!!!

  2. Lovely! Such a beautiful combo.

  3. When you say Warm Konad Black is that the color name or do you literally heat it up? Thanks for replying and those are super cute!

    1. Warm Black is ther name of the color. It's not as jet as the normal black.

  4. Freakin' Gorgeous!!! Love it!

  5. That's really pretty! I like!!!


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