Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meet Wendy!

This is my beading buddy Wendy Hitchins from Beady Wendy. She very kindly offered to sponsor my AWESOME 3,000 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY with a pair of her handmade glass earrings, below.

"I love making lampwork beads. My ideal day would be to make beads all day. I'm a self-taught lampworker but have recently studied with Corinna Tetinger and James Smirchich. I live in Drouin, Victoria, Australia with my husband, Barry.
It gives me great pleasure to create my unique pieces and even greater pleasure to see them worn. Although lampworking is quite challenging, I learn new things each day and continue to grow as an artisan. My goal is to make wearable art at an affordable price."

Wendy's work is available on her website, or if you are in Victoria, you can read her list of shows and markets where you can see her work in person.

Have you ever wanted to melt some glass and PLAY WITH FIRE? She even teaches with whole day classes!

Thanks again Wendy for sponsoring my giveaway....see you at the next Bead Show! xx

BTW. My giveaway ends in 3 days!  Have you entered yet??


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