Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Press & Go Press On Manicure

The Aussie distributor for Press & Go contacted me recently and asked if I wanted to try a few of their products and I have the first of them today for you: Press & Go Manicure nails in Hot Pink Cheetah!

First of all, they come in a faux nail polish bottle! Cute!

The nails have a peel back with a super strong adhesive underneath and they do stick very, very well.

As you can tell, this was my first time applying fake nails and I have just spotted that most of them were put on upside down!!  Woops.  On my nails, these were not long enough. But on someone with short nails these would be the perfect length. They are also not long enough to look obvious fake which is a pet hate of mine.

Because I wasn't prepared to cut my nails down to fit them and to test these properly, I put them on a very willing Miss 10! They survived 2 days of bashing around at school before slowly falling off one by one. So on a 'proper' lady doing ladylike things, they should last a few days.

These are currently available at Priceline and selected Pharmacies for a RRP of $13.99. Or you can contact Rebecca on 02 99992525 if you need more information. as endorsed by Nicole Scherzinger!


  1. I love the colorful cheetah print on them. I could never get those press on nails to last on me.

  2. Wow. Two days at school isn't bad! Almost a shame I haven't needed falsies in years... I love that design, too!

  3. wow! These look very cool. I have never used fake nails like this.

  4. Definitely , its a good color and i like the way you have polished the nails with good colors. Its attractive and manicure too.

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