Monday, May 7, 2012

Le Beauty #77

Le Beauty is an Australian salon brand which carries an astounding array of colors. They also retail for $2.50 each. Yup.....$2.50.

This is number 77, an absolutely gorgeous dark Emerald which has a vivid blue flash. The flash is striking in real life, but the camera couldn't quite capture it.

Above are in full sunlight.  Below in artificial light and shows the true color.

Le Beauty also stock Ozotics, OPI and Misa as well as everything you need for your gorgeous nails.  The team are also sponsoring my 3,000 follower giveaway by giving away 8 Le Beauty nail polishes!  Thanks guys! 

This giveaway ends in a week.....have you entered yet??


  1. I am sold.

  2. Great price and great colour, Im in love!

  3. Totally entered and keeping my fingers crossed. ;) Such a beautiful mermaid-like color, too.

  4. so gorgeous! i have nothing like it. do want!

  5. $2.50?! My price is $3.18, wonder why? Anyway, gorgeous shade, I love greens! :)


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