Thursday, May 31, 2012

AquaDaisy Purple Heart

So, there is this gorgeous Mum and Daughter team on Etsy called Aqua Daisy. They make gorgeous colored nail polish as well as hair accessories. Daughter Emmy makes everything and her Mum handles the selling and shipping.
Gorgeous! That is something I would love to do for my daughter someday.

I ordered a few of Emmy's polishes and this is the first I am showing: Purple Heart.
 " This is a 3-free, handblended nail polish. It features a warm purple jelly base with glitter in yellow gold, holo gold, and rose gold. Several sizes and shapes give this polish a lively depth."

This was 3 coats and a coat of Seche QD. After looking at these Macro photos, I went and added another coat of Seche. It didn't look wrinkly in real life, but Macro shows everything. Love everything about this one. The color, the glitter...yum.

Emmy's stock photo which shows the color at it's best.

Who else has ordered from Emmy?


  1. Gorgeous color and glitter! It looks great on you. :)

  2. beautiful .. reminds me of DL Bad Romance :D

  3. Beautiful colour! Do you have any advice for removing glitter polish? I love it but it drives me craaaaayaaayaaaaazy removing it. Sarah xxx

    1. The foil method. Google it but its basically putting cotton pads soaked in remover onto your nails then covering them with foil so they dont dry out. Remove them about 3 minties later and your polish should slide off. I dont worry about the foil, I just put the pads onto each nail and leave them there for a few minutes. xxx

  4. Oh, that's *beautiful*! I love how it gives the look of a jelly sandwich all by itself.

  5. Amazing! I need to take a look at their shop!

  6. That looks delish! I reminds me of Sangria :-)
    I do the foil thing, too...It's amazing how well that works! I put foil over each fingertip & cotton ball (doing one hand at a time) and I just sit and watch tv or something and the polish just slides right off.

  7. "Lively depth" is right, this is amazing!


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